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How To Make A Thumbnail On Canva

Full Instructional video on how to make a thumbnail on Canva Step by step instruction just follow along

Muncheye Walk through Explained

Muncheye Walk through on how to use Muncheye to pick lauches you might be interested in and how to get your affilliate link from Warriorplus.

How To Get Vendor Approval

How To Get Vendor Approval on Muncheye from Vendors on Warriorplus who are looking for Joint venture partners to promote their product launch.

A Warning About Affiliate Marketing

A Warning About Affiliate Marketing and how it is not as easy as people tell you it is and in fact that over 90% of people who start an affiliate marketing male no money. Why because of the fierce competition.

GetResponse Clickfunnels Intergration

Sign up for a GetResponse Account FREE Here:

Setting up A GetResponse Integration In Clickfunnels. A full demonstration live on how it is done mistakes and all. A step by step walk through on what to do.

Setup your GetResponse Account

Sign up for a GetResponse Account FREE Here:

Setup your GetResponse Account. A step by step walk through of setting up your account. Just follow along to get it done.  

Sign up With The Best Freelancer Vendor For Instagram Work

A step-by-step walkthrough as to why this vendor is the best to work with. This vendor that I show you will help you on your internet journey especially in the traffic area. So hit him up if you need some help and work out a deal with him Cheers😎😎

How To Signup With Step By Step

A step-by-step walkthrough on what to do and how to sign up with with the added bonus of choosing a vendor to work with as well. This vendor that I show you will help you on your internet journey especially in the traffic area. So hit him up if you need some help and work out a deal with him Cheers😎😎

Groovecm Overview of What is Available In The Members Area

Get a Groovecm Account Here FREE:

Groove wants to break through the barrier of entry that stops most people from starting an online business…

And that’s… lack of funds and lack of education.

So, not only do we offer software to run your complete online business, but we also offer training and a massive e-learning library.

Whether it’s your first dollar, or millionth, your entire business can be powered by just Groove.

WARNING - About Email Marketing

Most have been taugh to do this one the wrong way and they wonder why there people on there list are unresponsive to there offers. They are approaching this from the wrong angle.

Tools & Resources Walkthrough

Tools & Resources Walkthrough Essential Tools For an Online Business to Succeed long term.

List building is an essential part of building a successful business online along with having the essential tools that are discussed in this video. There are those who say that it is unnecessary but they are wrong because those basic rules have not changed.

Search Engine Optimization Ecom

SEO Tools, SEO Walkthrough, SEO Tutorial, SEO Guide. How to Optimize Your Ecommerce Website with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Ecommerce

A Crewmember On Someone Elses Boat

A Crewmember On Someone Elses Boat

Understanding this concept the one that Jim Rohn talked about is so important and is the one thing that is lacking. 

This video sets forth to explain what it means and show how it applies to your life. The question is asked because this is what most people do.

The opportunities are far greater than they where thirty years ago thanks to the internet I understand this, do You?

3 Key Words To Craft Any Marketing Message

WHY. WHAT. HOW. These 3 words can help you craft any type of marketing message. The biggest mistake we tend to see with marketing messages that fail is many beginners start at the “what” then try to work to the “why.” But how motivating is the “what”? to keep them engaged. Next comes THE WHAT. This is what you are actually offering and what’s included. And lastly is the THE HOW. How can they get these results? How can they get access to your course or your free content? In This Episode of CBU TV we break down these three components of building any marketing message to help you craft your own!

How To Do Market Research(5 FAST & EASY Strategies)

n this video I’m going to show you 5 fast and easy but most importantly incredibly effective market research strategies that you can use right now. Because in today’s hyper-competitive business world it’s the business that understands their customer best, that wins. Making market research one of the most important, and profitable activities you can do. I appreciate this isn’t the sexiest of topics. I mean, research? Sounds boring. At least that’s what I used to think until I discovered the true power of knowing EXACTLY what my customers wanted so I could position my business as the only logical solution to that problem. But to figure out what that looks like for your business, you’re going to need to do some research. So let’s dive in!

3 Different Ways To Jumpstart Your Business


Are You Ready For Opportunity?

If you are ready for an opportunity which means you are looking to ACT Now then you are in the right place to find something that resonates with you so you can decide to ACT NOW.


Milionaire Mindset

Milionaire Habits